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28 July, 2017. 



I have several sketch books full of my drawings of jewelry.   It usually starts with getting my hands on some stones.

 Lapis, Garnet and Nephrite Jade with hand built bezel cups for each stone.

I am using all of the Jade for one necklace.  Most of the fabrication  is done.  Keep an eye out for it!

The Lapis and Garnet have been set into the hand fabricated rings pictured below.


The wearability of jewelry is very important to me.  Jewelry should not have any snagable corners or sharp edges.  It should be able durable enough to last.  I do not cut corners on material.  I try to use as much material as I can without turning the jewelry piece into a brick.   When you are wearing one of my jewelry pieces, I want you to be wearing something that feels real.  Jewelry is not just something pretty, it should have a good amount of silver and gold in it, with some quality stones.  It should be worth something.





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